vista and exchange 2007 vs sun and Macs
December 18 2006 2633 Views
I attended the launch of the vista,exchange server 2007, sharepoint 2007 and the office 2007. No doubt it was very good and exciting as the food :).

A bit of history here, back in 2003 Sun Microsystems created the LookingGlass effect which took the world by surprise, it was a new technology in which windows could be stacked like a filing system, turned around, rotated etc., and even turned around to write notes at the back.

Microsoft after frequent news about delay of the vista and longhorn came out with the technology of aero. This mimicked the effects of looking glass minus the notes that you can leave on a particular page or window.

Then Vista has come out with another breakthrough if the mouse is placed over a minimized window on the task bar, a small preview of the window is displayed. This of course has come from the Macintosh OS.

Now lets move on to the exchange 2007. Windows OS is known to attract users for the ease of use and the clicks, rather than the typing involved to get to a point or run a task.

MS probably did not have the time to get all the features of Xchange 2007 in GUI, so they came up with the idea of MONAD, better known as powershell. Anyway this assists the exchange admins to script various tasks, by line commands. This commands are pretty simple, like writing english, something like coding Cobol. Is MS looking to rope in various Linux, Solaris admins to check out the Exchange server.

At least they keep an eye on their competitors, learn, copy/paste.